Production processes

R. Lobo stands out for its high-quality products, made using of the most sophisticated production techniques and methods. This production cycle has the following work processes:

Research & Development

The Research & Development Department is customer-oriented and operates as an extension of the design team.

Product Sampling & Engineering

The product development department provides its customers with samples of a wide range of fabrics and knits, as well as their many possible combinations, resulting in a wide variety of clothing products.

Costs & Prices

The Commercial Department, in conjunction with the Research & Development Department, promotes the flexibility of product costs and prices in order to allow for adjustments to be made and fabric alternatives to be presented to customers.


This process encompasses several different stages, such as purchase of fabrics and knits, cutting, production, the addition of trimmings and accessories, labelling and packaging.

Management and critical path communication

This working procedure shows how the critical path of work orders is managed, as well as compliance with deadlines and internal communications (to customers and suppliers).

Quality control

Strict quality control and timely delivery of orders are core policies in the operation of the company, assuring excellence in the delivery of the product to the customer.

Logistics and management of the supply chain

Resource flexibility makes it possible to allow customers to manage and submit orders by shop, warehouse, country or other criteria.

Systems & technology

  • CAD/CAM systems
  • Automated cutting system
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